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Discussion on Post - evaluation of Land Reclamation Project in Coal Mining Subsidence Land

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DOI: 10.25236/iceamc.2017.24


Hui Zhang, Feng Gao

Corresponding Author

Hui Zhang


With the growth of economy and the progress of society, China’s land development and consolidation project have become an important path for the balance of cultivated land in China at present. It needs the relevant departments to optimize the situation in accordance with the actual situation. Among them, due to the impact of subsidence settlement, terrain crushing problems will appear in some coal mining areas to varying degrees, and even serious soil nutrient loss appear. Therefore, the relevant departments ought to carry out land reclamation projects and implement land management mechanism while optimize the rasterization processing effect at the same time. In this paper, the process of the post evaluation of the land reclamation project in the mining subsidence area is analyzed, so is the application path of implementing concrete measures in the actual project in combination with the project, which is aimed at providing more valuable reference suggestions for the technical management department.


Coal mining collapse, Land reclamation, Post evaluation mechanism.