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The Application of Building Information Model (BIM) Technology in China's Construction Projects Based on Focus Group Interview

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DOI: 10.25236/iceamc.2017.20


Yilin Chen, Yilin Yin

Corresponding Author

Yilin Chen


Building Information Model (BIM) is increasingly employed construction project and obtain their support on large scale planning and development projects. Despite its booming development, there is a lack of research on how to prepare BIM technology activities. In order to explore the factors of preparing BIM technology in the construction industry, four focus groups were conducted, each including different stakeholders (e.g., BIM technology organizers, construction professionals, interest groups, and local residents). Seven critical factors for preparing BIM technology were identified into 3 main dimensions: (1) social (e.g., governmental support and bottom-up consultation approaches); (2) project (e.g., project characteristics, BIM technology program, and project information and publicity); and (3) stakeholder (e.g., stakeholder identification and representative sampling). Based on the results of focus groups, we propose several practical recommendations to stimulate active engagement and improve performance of BIM technology, including developing BIM technology guidelines, preparing project information with appropriate language and formatting, and establishing stakeholder identification methods.


Construction projects, Focus group, Preparation, BIM technology/