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Research on Urban Environment System Based on Complex and Uncertainty Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/iceamc.2017.19


Min Zhu, Yanglei Ou

Corresponding Author

Min Zhu


An inexact-based fuzzy multi-objective programming (IFMOP) model is developed based on analysis of fuzzy information and multi-objective characteristics of an ecological city. In the IFMOP model, parameters originally based on certain targets and accurate objectives are now obtained as interval numbers. Through the interactive process between decision makers and the interpretation of the model, some reasonable solutions can be achieved by using MATLAB programming. This study took a new development zone in a city of North China as a case study, a reasonable water resource allocation scheme in 2020 is obtained, illustrating the practicability of this model.


Ecological city, uncertainty theory, inexact fuzzy multi-objective programming(IFMOP), resource allocation.