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Discussion on Project Output and Satisfaction Evaluation of Public Expenditure and Budget Performance Evaluation of Urban Public Green Space Maintenance Based on AHP

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DOI: 10.25236/iceamc.2017.18


Wang Lan, Zhang Lei

Corresponding Author

Wang Lan


City green space can improve the ecological environment, beautify the city, improve the city's image and taste, the landscape construction of the city's local government as an important task, how to evaluate the public green maintenance expenditure, with the objective of practical significance.Judging from the actual situation, the evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of public green space maintenance is not reasonable, and this evaluation mechanism does not allow the "customer" to participate. On the basis of drawing on the existing research results, this paper combines the cost benefit method and factor analysis method based on AHP. The balance between the focus on financial investment and maintenance effect so as to explore the different standard of maintenance funds can ensure seedling growth, maintain good landscape effect of project output, can obtain better satisfaction etc.


Public green space, financial performance, project output, satisfaction.