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Modern Landscape Design under the Influence of Eco ISM

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DOI: 10.25236/iceamc.2017.17


Ma Dongqing

Corresponding Author

Ma Dongqing


With the development of society, people in the landscape design requirements are also gradually improve, between the new design concept and construction of the landscape both needs to be effective with attention to the landscape design under the current social development needs. The concept of sustainable development, which has been pursued in the process of social development, has brought about a series of changes in people's lives, and there has been a more profound understanding of ecology. Therefore, in the process of modern landscape construction, to continue the introduction of the concept of sustainable development, as the core concept of landscape construction, adhere to the ecological doctrine, in order to further promote the construction of ecological landscape, highlighting contemporary ecological humanism. Based on this, this paper aims at the current ecological landscape design of contemporary society related content, in order to be able to provide a theoretical basis for the modern landscape design.


Ecology, modern landscape design, environmental ecology.