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Research on the Application of Chinese Traditional Culture on Interior Design

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DOI: 10.25236/iceamc.2017.13


Xiaoqiang Zuo

Corresponding Author

Xiaoqiang Zuo


At present, China's interior design thought is still in a low level of state, in the design are basically the same, each other plagiarism, blind pursuit of Western classical decoration style or the pursuit of the so-called "national style", full of traditional components, And the form of the lack of China's unique cultural connotation. China's cultural heritage for thousands of years has given us a great fortune, providing a new source for the development and innovation of interior design. The interior design itself is also a culture, the interpretation of the ideological connotation, in fact, is a cultural design. Therefore, China's interior design should adhering to the excellent traditional culture, the essence of traditional Chinese culture into the modern interior design, to create a traditional cultural connotation and cultural spirit of China's modern interior design.


Chinese Traditional Culture, Interior Design, Application Research.