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Research Progress of New Technology of Mango Deep Processing

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DOI: 10.25236/iceamc.2017.06


Li Li, Changbao Li, Jian Sun, Jinfeng Sheng, Xuemei He, Dongning Ling, Fengjin Zheng, Ping Yi, Guoming Liu, Jiemin Li, Ming Xin, Yangyuan Tang

Corresponding Author

Jian Sun


Mango is a famous tropical fruit, unique flavor, nutrient-rich. This paper reviews the research results of mango processing and comprehensive utilization in recent years, including mango puree, new health drink, fruit wine, fruit vinegar, preserved fruit and jam, as well as processing products such as mango peel and fruit to provide a theoretical basis for further development for the comprehensive utilization of mango processing products.


Mango, Processing New Technologies, Side-Products, Comprehensive Utilization.