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The Application Research of BIM Technology in Architectural Design

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DOI: 10.25236/iceamc.2017.02


Qiang He

Corresponding Author

Qiang He


Residential building is the main part of construction and advanced residential building design technology will be important to solve the problem of energy crisis, environmental degradation etc. Therefore the research new residential building design technology has a strong theoretical and practical significance. In architectural design, based on the application of BIM technology system created by the virtual building model, contains all of the required to build a building component. Since ancient times, architectural design method with alternating update time, all kinds of design methods to promote the further development of the building, including housing for people to use most of the architectural form, develop more advanced technology and method to design the residential, management, residential, let the improvement of the living environment of people further, become the main content of the analysis and research.


BIM technology, residential construction, architectural design, application.