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Translation and Dissemination of Chinese Discourse under the Background of "the Belt and Road"

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2019.077


Ziru Wang

Corresponding Author

Ziru Wang


Strengthening the spread of the "One Belt, One Road" Chinese discourse will help to explain the Chinese plan to the domestic and international frontiers, expand the influence of the "Belt and Road" initiative, and enhance the acceptance, support and goodwill at home and abroad. Translation is a bridge for the spread of Chinese discourse. This paper follows the principle of "close to the reality of China's development, close to the information needs of foreign audiences and close to the thinking of foreign audiences", and puts forward the strategy of improving the quality of external propaganda translation under the background of "Belt and Road": improve the effectiveness of foreign-language translation communication, improve the comprehensive quality of foreign-speaking translators, deepen the teaching reform of foreign-speaking translation talent training mode, and increase the correct interpretation of core vocabulary.


"the Belt and Road", translation, dissemination of Chinese discourse