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Research on Digital Protection and Development of Paper-cut Art in Northern Shaanxi

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2019.073


Zhang Ping

Corresponding Author

Zhang Ping


In order to understand the digital protection and development of paper-cut art in northern Shaanxi, we will carry out relevant analysis. Firstly, this paper briefly describes the unique charm of paper-cut art in northern Shaanxi in terms of artistic characteristics, emotions permeated by themes, and simple and beautiful shapes. Secondly, the significance of digital dissemination and protection of new media of paper-cut art in Northern Shaanxi and its dissemination and development are discussed. The current situation of the problem, and ultimately put forward solutions to improve the problem. At present, the traditional mode of dissemination of paper-cut art in northern Shaanxi is not applicable, so we need to explore the digital mode of dissemination. Under this condition, new media is undoubtedly the main way to achieve digital dissemination and protect paper-cut art. Through research, it is confirmed that this channel is effective. As an integral part of our traditional culture, the protection of paper-cut art in northern Shaanxi is a problem that needs attention from all walks of life. Under the current social development background, the network digital channel is highly praised by people. Therefore, combined with the digital background, the goal can be achieved through the new media digital channel.


North Shaanxi, Paper-cut art, Digital