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Research on Digital Protection and Inheritance of Qiang Cultural Heritage

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2019.072


Li Hui, Zheng Fangqin, Zhan Chen

Corresponding Author

Li Hui


In order to make Qiang culture continue to spread and spread in modern times, this paper studies the digital protection and inheritance of Qiang culture. The research mainly focuses on the characteristics of Qiang's cultural heritage, the design of digital database and the application of database. The dissemination forms and ways of Qiang's cultural heritage are analyzed, so that we can understand how Qiang's culture is disseminated through digital form and verify its effectiveness. Through the analysis, it can be seen that under the database application designed in this paper, Qiang culture can be connected with the Internet environment, spread by digital animation or other forms, and the dissemination effect is good, which shows that the design of this paper is effective; there is a good coincidence between digitalization and the Internet, and the Internet as a modern popular one." Virtual environment" has a large number of users of different interests and ages, so Qiang culture can be known by more people in the Internet environment, indicating that it has been protected and inherited continuously.


Qiang nationality, cultural heritage, Digitalization