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Research on Digital Protection and Inheritance Measures of Shaanxi Shadow Art Based on New Media Times

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2019.071


Chen Wei

Corresponding Author

Chen Wei


In order to understand the digital protection and inheritance Countermeasures of Shaanxi shadow art in the new media era, this paper will carry out relevant analysis. Firstly, this paper expounds the bottleneck of Shaanxi shadow art's inheritance, then analyses the concept and development history of digital media art and shadow art, and points out their characteristics and status quo as the starting point. The existing problems and the difficulties faced by the current development in China. Then, based on the three different forms of digital media art: dynamic, static and interactive, this paper analyses the feasibility of shadow art in its application, seeks the opportunity of combining the two, and finally explores the path of Shaanxi shadow art's external dissemination. The development and inheritance of modern Shaanxi shadow play art has great limitations and is out of touch with the direction of social development. Therefore, in order to protect traditional art, we can improve such problems by studying the inheritance strategies in the direction of digitalization. The combination of digital media art and shadow art can provide direction for the future development of digital shadow art.


Shaanxi, Shadow shadow art, Digital