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Application Analysis of Metal Material and Wood in Sculpture Creation

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2019.064


Liu Dazhi

Corresponding Author

Liu Dazhi


As a linguistic form of sculpture, materials have unique aesthetic interest and spiritual attributes. Metal materials have excellent properties, are easy to preserve for a long time, and have good ductility and plasticity. They can express artists' ideas and concepts very well. Therefore, this paper analyses the application of metal materials and wood in sculpture creation. Research and analysis show that wood is not polluted, it is a renewable resource, and it has good processing properties. It can be carved and ground, and its natural texture makes each piece of work show unique artistic effects. The combination of metal materials and wood is a form of existence of synthetic material sculptures. It has a unique artistic charm. The sculptural form of metal materials combined with wood has a strong artistic appeal and expressiveness.


Metal Material, Wood, Sculpture Creation, Fusion Application