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Research on Aesthetic Principle of Modern City Sculpture and Public Art Color Application Based on Urban Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2019.063


Liu Dazhi

Corresponding Author

Liu Dazhi


Urban sculpture and public art are located in the public environment and have engineering attributes, so the use of color is completely applicable to the corresponding principles of design aesthetics. Public art, as an open environment design of public space, which is freely participated and recognized by the public, is also well known. Urban public art is the art culture of place and the art in public space. The nature of place determines the nature and expression of urban public art. The current sculpture color can not meet the increasing aesthetic requirements of people. As an important factor that constitutes the urban landscape, sculpture color directly affects people's visual and spiritual feelings. The use of color should help the sculpture to achieve its own form of beauty, artistic beauty and functional beauty. The aesthetic concept of design can convey the personal emotion and geographical characteristics of the designer, which is an indispensable part.


Sculpture, Public Art, Color, Aesthetics