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Analysis of the Impact of Chinese Traditional Ceramic Sculpture on Modern Sculpture

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2019.062


Zhao Yingjian

Corresponding Author

Zhao Yingjian


In the evolution of civilization for thousands of years, ceramic sculpture has been existing and developing in an artistic form with nationalization. Modern ceramic sculpture is the product of modern social civilization. Its development can not be separated from modern advanced science and technology, the improvement of material living standards, and the higher requirements of people for aesthetic taste. With the continuous progress and development of ancient Chinese sculpture art, ceramic sculpture has produced remarkable achievements and positive far-reaching impact. Due to the language and morphological characteristics of modern ceramic sculpture, modern ceramic sculpture has incomparable artistic expression and touching artistic charm, which is a characteristic other arts do not have. Ceramic workers can do their best to explore and play, so that their ceramic sculpture works show unique pursuit, endow the works with vitality and achieve a new perfection.


Ceramic Sculpture, Modern Sculpture, Aesthetic