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Performance and Application of Metal Material in Decorative Sculpture

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2019.061


Zhao Yingjian

Corresponding Author

Zhao Yingjian


With the rapid development of society, people's pursuit of aesthetics is constantly improving. The abundant materials and techniques of decorative sculpture are the scientific and material basis of its artistic products, which are of great significance in artistic research and practical application. Metal material has become the favorite choice of decorative sculpture artists because of its excellent ductility, strong formability, corrosion resistance and other basic characteristics. Nowadays, decorative sculptures have been widely used in people's daily life and become more and more important. The decorative sculpture of metal materials brings different aesthetic enjoyment, and the technical factors such as processing methods compatible with materials are becoming more mature. The artists of modern decorative sculpture are very open and active. This article describes the performance and application of modern decorative sculptures in the decorative metal materials.


Decorative Sculpture, Metal Material, Technology