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On the Role of Modern Media Technology in Music Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2019.057


Zheng Jia

Corresponding Author

Zheng Jia


With the rapid development of multimedia technology, multimedia technology has entered every field of people's life with strong penetration. Multimedia technology has also been widely used in music teaching, which has changed the traditional music teaching methods. Every stage of the development of music culture is influenced by the specific media in this era. Every new media technology will cause the change of music culture. Popular music still occupies the mainstream position, and there is not much room for music communication in radio music programs. Such a status quo makes it impossible for radio stations to effectively spread and promote the function of local music communication. The use of multimedia technology to engage in music teaching is an important symbol of modern music education. The application of multimedia technology in music teaching is a promising and exciting development field. This paper tries to analyze and explain the interaction between media and music art under modern media technology from different types of media.


Multimedia, Music Teaching, Music Communication