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Cultural Connotation of Tujia Folk Song Music in Western Hunan

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2019.056


Yu Guoliang

Corresponding Author

Yu Guoliang


Tujia music is an important part of multi-ethnic music in China. Tujia folk songs are closest to the people. They vividly reflect the life of Tujia people from different angles. Without understanding the cultural connotation of Tujia folk music in Western Hunan, the author studies this issue. Combining with the characteristics of Tujia folk songs in Western Hunan, this paper puts forward different classification methods, and discusses the relationship between this classification method and its cultural background. The author finds that the Tujia folk songs in Xiangxi have their own unique singing styles, such as vibrato, Boeing, portamento, and Yiyin, as well as the combination of singing and singing. It makes the folk songs rough and rude, and there is no lack of pungency in the lyrics. It shows the strong, optimistic, enthusiastic, straightforward and delicate personality of the Xiangxi Tujia people everywhere.


Tujia, Folk Song Music, Cultural Connotation