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On Western Music from the Perspective of Chinese Artistic Conception Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2019.053


Weiwei Fu

Corresponding Author

Weiwei Fu


Music contains rich spiritual connotations and cultural feelings, carrying and conveying the cultural patterns of human truth, goodness and beauty. Artistic conception is an important category of Chinese classical aesthetics. From a logical point of view, the theory of artistic conception plays an important role in the Chinese classical aesthetic system. From the unique perspective of "artistic conception", this paper examines two different types of western music in its historical development process. We can see that western music also has the same category as a historical category. Under the guidance of the "Ideology" theory, Chinese traditional music has achieved world-wide brilliance. From this theoretical Western music, we can discover the unique connotation of Western music and traditional Chinese music. A comparative study of China's inherent traditions and Western theories, and then the revaluation of ancient Chinese traditions, in order to critically inherit and develop.


Traditional Chinese Music, Artistic Conception, Western Music