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An Analysis of Attitude Resources in Internet English Texts from the Perspective of Evaluation Theory--A Case Study of Xi'an Folklore Tourist Spots

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2019.052


Dong Xiaoning

Corresponding Author

Dong Xiaoning


As a unique discourse, online English discourse has its unique functional features, namely, information function, persuasion function and attraction function. As an important lexical-grammatical resource, evaluation theory can reveal the author/speaker's views and attitudes. The theory consists of three subsystems: attitude, intervention and gradation. This paper takes the English feedback discourse of Xi'an folk tourist attractions as the research object, and based on the evaluation theory, analyzes the distribution of attitude resources in the English feedback of several random Xi'an folk tourist attractions, and explores the tourism feedback language. The distribution characteristics of attitude resources in the article reveal the interpersonal function construction of tourism feedback.


Evaluation Theory, Attitude Resources, Xi'an Folklore Tourism