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A study of critical discourse assisted by Corpus Linguistics

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2019.049


Yang Yan

Corresponding Author

Yang Yan


With the development of digital information, the research of using corpus to analyze language phenomenon is more and more popular among experts. As the name implies, the applied value of linguistics can improved accordingly, and the critical discourse can applied scientifically and reasonably. The purpose of this paper is to distinguish the space of corpus linguistics in critical discourse analysis. Although there is no comprehensive and objective means of analysis, linguists find out the truth of the text by integrating the methods, using keywords, lexical collocation and other effective means to analyze social discourse. In addition, there is no comprehensive analysis of all directions in Chinese participle because of its unique Uncertainty determines the difficulty of corpus analysis. This paper mainly analyzes the critical discourse of corpus linguistics, and puts forward the corresponding optimization measures.


Language Library, Linguistics, Critical discourse analysis