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A study on the broadcast Strategies of hosts without manuscripts from the Perspective of Linguistics

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2019.048


Qu Yang

Corresponding Author

Qu Yang


Nowadays, when the broadcast host hosts the program, he often encounters all kinds of emergencies and on-the-spot tests. Usually, only the excellent host with actual combat experience can give full play to his unique ability, deal with it calmly and resolve all kinds of crises, to have better complete the task of hosting. This requires the host to improve their own connotation and language control ability in the usual training, but also to carry out special training without a little broadcast, to improve their own broadcasting and hosting ability. Unwritten broadcast hosting is a great test of the host's ability to broadcast and host. From the linguistic point of view, it is necessary for the host to be on the language side. The face has a strong grasp of power. This paper mainly based on the analysis of the host of the linguistic analysis how to form an accurate and effective broadcasting and hosting effect through the rational planning and the organization of the language, thereby promoting the improvement of the non-draft broadcasting level of the host and the improvement of the program quality.


Linguistics, unwritten broadcasting, moderator, strategic research