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New Investigation of Xuncius’ Virtue of Bravery

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2019.040


Yishu Chen

Corresponding Author

Yishu Chen


The virtue of bravery is an indispensable factor to form the personality of a gentleman. It is important in the thought of pre-Qin Confucian scholars .The types and levels of bravery are defined and divided by Xuncius.He emphasizes the difference between advocating bravery and bellicosity.The difference also shows his cognition and understanding of the life’s value. Xuncius emphasizes the importance of learning to the cultivation of gentleman's virtue of bravery, he thinks we should learn from the sages. Xuncius believes the precondition of advocating bravery is learning to keep timid. He discusses the gentleman's practice of the virtue of bravery from military affairs and poitical affairs.


The virtue of bravery, Confucianist, Xuncius