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An Analysis of Narrative Perspective and Modes of Presentation in Beloved within the Framework of Postclassical Narratology

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2019.039


Jia Liting

Corresponding Author

Jia Liting


the post-classical narratology takes the classical narratology as the theoretical basis and provides a new perspective for the interpretation of literary works. It pays more attention to how the social and historical context plays a role in the creation and reception of works and the interpretation of readers. Beloved is an important work written by the black woman writer Toni Morrison, which reveals the evil of the racial discrimination. In the framework of post-classical narratology, this paper analyzes the novel from the perspective of narrative and the form of characters’ discourse, and explains how these two narrative strategies are used to achieve the political purposes of race and gender in the historical context at that time.


Post-classical narratology, Narrative perspective, Character discourse form, Race and gender awareness