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A Brief Analysis of Peter Newmark’s Communicative Translation Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2019.037


Yanlan Cai

Corresponding Author

Yanlan Cai


Peter Newmark (1916-2011) was one of the representative figures in translation field of the English-speaking countries in the twentieth century. The paper mainly introduces Newmark’s viewpoints on translation theory, especially his basic principles of the Communicative Translation Theory, that is, the principle of receptor-oriented strategies, the principle of equivalence-expected effect as well as the principle of information accuracy. It is based on text type and language function to translate, which makes the translation smoother and clearer to the target language readers. In that case, it can reduce the understanding obstacles of the foreigners.


Receptor-oriented strategies, Equivalence-expected effect, Accuracy, Communicative Translation Theory