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Research on Erhu Performing Art Promotion Based on the Unification of Technology and Emotion

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2019.027


Meng Bo

Corresponding Author

Meng Bo


Erhu, as a folk art, brings people not only visual and auditory touches, but also emotional touches. In order to produce emotional resonance with the audience in the performance process, Erhu performers need to integrate technology and emotion, so as to enable listeners to feel the emotions in Erhu performance. The perfect performance of Hu's performance requires the performers to have solid basic skills and skillful performing techniques, and at the same time to deeply understand the essence of the music and the emotions it contains. If in the Erhu performance, too much emphasis on technology, focus on the sound construction, then the emotions played by Erhu are difficult to highlight. Exquisite technology is like the skeleton of the human body, which can connect feelings together. The two are interdependent and mutually supportive, jointly revealing the ideological connotation of the music and improving the artistic charm of Erhu's performance.


Erhu, Playing technique, Emotion