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An Analysis of Ideological Intention of Using Chinese Elements in Hollywood Films Based on Multi-strategy

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2019.025


Yuwei Fu

Corresponding Author

Yuwei Fu


Since the 1990s, Hollywood's “China Fever” has lasted for a long time. Chinese stories, actors, Kungfu and other elements have become common factors in Hollywood films. However, at one time, Chinese actors were treated unfairly in Hollywood, but there are also many Chinese actors in Hollywood to lay a solid foundation. Therefore, based on multiple strategies, the author makes an analysis of the ideological intention of using Chinese elements in Hollywood movies. Through research and analysis, the author believes that ideology is an important perspective for reflecting and evaluating Hollywood films to show Chinese cultural intentions. Nowadays, Hollywood is constantly integrating into Chinese cultural elements, which also represents the international recognition of Chinese culture. Therefore, it is undeniable that as China's comprehensive national strength is increasing, the Chinese elements are increasingly occupying an irreplaceable position in the world cultural value stage.


Multi-strategy, Hollywood film, Chinese elements