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A Micro-analysis of the Psychological Causes of Erhu Players

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2019.024


Zhou Heming

Corresponding Author

Zhou Heming


Based on psychological theory, this paper analyses the psychological causes of Erhu performers in performing activities. The author believes that all musical acts are closely related to people's psychological activities, including the formation process of performance skills and the performer's physiological and psychological state. This paper is divided into three parts to analyze the erhu performance activities. Part I: the formation process of erhu performance skills: Using the universal principle of psychology, the formation process of erhu performance skills is summarized into four stages, namely: skill recognition stage, skill formation stage, automation stage and plateau phenomenon; Part II: Analysis of the Physiological and Psychological Activities of Erhu Performance Skills. Using the general principles of physiology, the physiological movements in erhu performance are explained. The psychological principle is used to explore the cultivation of music sensation, music thinking, music memory, emotion and willpower in erhu training; Part III: Common psychological problems in the performance of erhu performance. Using the principles of psychology, from the perspective of subjective and objective analysis of several common psychological phenomena in erhu performance, as well as self-regulation.


Erhu player, physiological state, psychological state, micro analysis