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Research on Modern Decoration Art of Folk Arts and Crafts

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2019.016


Xiangqun Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiangqun Wang


With the development of economy, the progress of society and the change of concept, people have higher and higher requirements for environmental decoration, which promotes the rapid development of interior decoration design. This paper studies the modern decorative art of folk arts and crafts. Combining with the analysis of folk arts and crafts, the application of folk arts and crafts in modern art design is studied, and targeted suggestions are put forward. Studies have shown that folk arts and crafts have strong traditional, artistic, national, natural and procedural characteristics, showing strong local characteristics and national style. The modern decorative design borrows a lot of expressions of traditional Chinese arts and crafts, and has far-reaching significance for enriching the interior decoration form and inheriting and developing Chinese traditional culture and art.


Arts and crafts, modern decoration, art