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A Brief Analysis on the Parody of “Fu, Bi and Xing” Artistic Techniques in China Men

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2019.008


Xiaoxia Yu

Corresponding Author

Xiaoxia Yu


Fu, Bi and Xing play an extremely important role in the Chinese poetics system. Zai Yang, one of the four greatest poets of Yuan Dynasty, once called Fu, Bi and Xing “the source of poetics and the criterion of creation”. Chinese American writer Maxine Hong Kingston’s second work, China Men, combines historical truth with fiction, as well as legends with news through the parody of “Fu, Bi and Xing” artistic techniques. Chapters in the book lay foundation step by step and finally reach the writing theme directly. While completing the writing, the author also uncovers the hidden Chinese American history and rebuilds the once distorted image of Chinese American males.


“Fu, Bi and Xing”, parody, the history of Chinese Americans