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Methods for Design Cultural and Creative Products from the Perspective of User Experience

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2019.006


Huiwei Xu, Lan Ming

Corresponding Author

Lan Ming


At present, the value of cultural propaganda and economic growth brought by the cultural and creative industry cannot be underestimated. Considering from the perspective of user experience, designers can increase the added value of cultural and creative products and enhance their market competitiveness. Through analyzing user experience, the core cultural connotation of products can be established; reasonable products can be customized for target groups; the visual perception of products can be optimized and the integrated cultural brand images, which is very important for the future development of the cultural and creative industry, can be created. Designers should consider how to create products which are popular with the audience and enhance the influence of the cultural industry from users’ perspective. Only the identification and analysis of user experience can improve the market competitiveness of cultural and creative products.


User experience, design of cultural and creative products, people-oriented, design methods