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An Approach to the Extended TPB Model of Proenvironmental Production Behavior: A Case Study of New Types of Chinese Agricultural Business Entities

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DOI: 10.25236/isafb.2019.044



Corresponding Author



The issue of food safety has increasingly become the focus of the Chinese government and people, and the production process of agricultural products is a vital link to ensure food safety. In this research, we focus on examining the effects and mechanisms of antecedents of proenvironmental production intention. Under the framework of the extended theory of planned behavior, the research is empirically tested using a face to face survey of 162 new types of agricultural business entities from Chengdu and Guangyuan City of Sichuan Province. Our study indicates that moral obligation, subjective norms and environmental attitude significantly affect proenvironmental production intention of new types of agricultural business entities. However, perceived behavioral control does not have a direct significant effect on intention. Moreover, our extended TPB model including moral obligation has a stronger explanatory power than that of the original TPB model. Furthermore, the mediation effect test shows that environmental attitude and subjective norms promote proenvironmental production behavior by enhancing intention. Finally, insights and suggestions are discussed. In the future, local governments should use various media to strengthen environmental protection propaganda in rural areas and vigorously publicize the obligation and responsibility of proenvironmental production.


Proenvironmental Production Behavior, Moral Obligation, Theory of Planned Behavior