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Study on the Influence of Grain Composition on Seepage Velocity of Slope Soil

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DOI: 10.25236/isafb.2019.040


Zongheng Xu, and Lingxu Li

Corresponding Author

Zongheng Xu


Soil infiltration performance is an important study of soil factors, It is a key part of the runoff cycle. It affects soil erosion by changing the relationship between rainfall and runoff, The important physical parameters of the soil are the permeability of the soil. Its value represents the occurrence and development of soil water infiltration capacity and slope soil erosion.This paper studies the soil of unsaturated soil in Chenggong section, Yunnan province, Particle analysis test and combining with ring methods to measure permeability coefficient to study the effect of particle grade distribution of soil infiltration rate, the results show that the soil particles are the important factors that affect soil permeability, in addition, organic matter content, plant roots, animal activities can also affect the soil water infiltration.


Unsaturated zone soil slope, Grain composition, Seepage velocity