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Development of Design System for Family-Type Sprouting Vegetable Cultivation Equipment

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DOI: 10.25236/isafb.2019.039


Yi Guo, and Guiqin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yi Guo


In order to meet the promotion office of sprouting vegetable cultivation equipment, and the needs that design different specifications of cultivation equipment according to sprouting vegetable cultivation scale of customers, Visual Basic language and secondary development technology of SolidWorks were used to develop design system for family-type sprouting vegetable cultivation equipment. By inputting the design parameters through the user interface of the system, the 3D modeling of the family-type sprouting vegetables cultivation equipment can be automatically completed, and the three-dimensional design result is presented to the user. The application example shows that the equipment is suitable for the cultivation of household sprouting vegetables, and has the characteristics of simple structure and convenient usage. The design system has a user-friendly interface and accurate design results. The system has wide application value in the field of household sprouting vegetables cultivation. At the same time, the design method of the system can provide experience for the development of other related design systems.


Sprouting vegetable cultivation equipment, Family-type, Design system, SolidWorks, Secondary development