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Comparative Test of Xinjiang Turnip Cultivars

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DOI: 10.25236/isafb.2019.038


Zhengying Xuan

Corresponding Author

Zhengying Xuan


In order to evaluation of source in turnip varieties in different regions of Xinjiang, and screened suitable for planting in Alar area of high-quality high-yielding varieties, this experiment selected Xinjiang 13 different varieties of turnip as experimental material, under the same experimental conditions were planted, and on their phenology and on their biological characteristics such as plant height, stem diameter, leaf area and yield were measured, research and analysis, and by means of statistical analysis in the software of Excel and DPS analysis. Experimental results show that: number of W7 turnip (cultivars from Xinjiang Jifeng seedling Co., Ltd.) the highest yield, the average yield per plot for 39kg, equivalent to (667m Yield of 2) 11416.82 Kg, good quality, good growth, is currently the most ideal suitable for the cultivation of local varieties, numbered W1 turnip (Cultivars from Xinjiang Changji Xinke Seed Co., Ltd.) numbering W8 turnip cultivars (Cultivars from sunset red Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.) performance is also good, but also suitable for the cultivation of local varieties.


Turnip, Varieties, Biological characteristics