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Effect of Chemical Fertilizer Reduction on Wax Gourd (Benincasa hispida) Growth and Soil Properties in Sunlight Greenhouse

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DOI: 10.25236/isafb.2019.035


Wenjing Ren, Chunyang Xiang, Xiuping Tian, Jiaxi Dong, Yingai Tan, Lu Yue, Enhan Fang, and Qiu Zhao

Corresponding Author

Chunyang Xiang


In order to explore the effects of chemical fertilizer reduction on the growth of wax gourd and soil properties, this experiment used five chemical fertilizer reduction treatments in greenhouses of ShuiGaozhuang village to study the Changes in growth of wax gourd and oil properties. The results showed that on the basis of adding organic fertilizer, the difference’ plant height of wax gourd between the reduction of chemical fertilizer to 35% and 100% application of chemical fertilizer was not significant. The reduction of chemical fertilizer had little effect on the chlorophyll and nitrogen content of wax gourd leaves. The reduction or non-application of chemical fertilizer had no effect on the contents of total nitrogen, total phosphorus, total potassium and organic matter, and reduced the contents of nitrate nitrogen and available phosphorus, available potassium in soil. Soil bulk density and pH were not significantly different between chemical fertilizer reduction and non-reduction treatment. The soil EC of 100% chemical fertilizer treatment was significantly higher than that without chemical fertilizer treatment.


Chemical fertilizer reduction, Wax gourd, Growth, Sunlight greenhouse, Soil properties