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Study on Soil Permeability in Unsaturated Zone Based on TST-55 Permeameter

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DOI: 10.25236/isafb.2019.031


Zongheng Xu, and Lingxu Li

Corresponding Author

Zongheng Xu


Soil permeability is of great significance to rainfall runoff regulation, water resource conservation, water and soil conservation, water resource evaluation and management, soil remediation, and determination of technical parameters of farmland irrigation. It is closely related to soil properties, vegetation types, soil structure, and soil types. In order to investigate the permeability of unsaturated zone soil in longitudinal section, the permeability and soil physical properties of Duan jiaying unsaturated zone in Chenggong section, Kunming city, Yunnan province were studied. The results showed that there were significant differences in soil properties and permeability between different layers of unsaturated zone in the test area. The results of soil permeability in unsaturated zone based on tst-55 permeameter show that the variation of permeability coefficient is large and tends to increase gradually with the increase of depth. At the depth of 50cm, the water content and permeability coefficient show a significant turning point. After the soil layer, the water content is small but the density is large. According to the screening test and density analysis, the soil contains a lot of broken gravel and gradually increases with the depth. Weathered basalt broken gravel accounts for the main component, resulting in more gaps in the soil layer, so the permeability coefficient gradually increases.


Soil properties, Permeability, Permeability coefficient, Change rule