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Design of Separation and Transportation Device for Sorghum Harvester

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DOI: 10.25236/isafb.2019.027


Fuxiang Xie, Xunlin Zhang, and Lei Zhang

Corresponding Author

Fuxiang Xie


Sorghum is an important cash crop in northern China. The grain of sorghum can be eaten and brewed, and the straw can be used for roofing and crushing fertilizer fields. The existing agricultural machinery can only separate and pack grain and straw, and shredding and fertilizing of straw ,it can not satisfy other production and life based on the premise of complete straw. Therefore, according to the characteristics of sorghum straw and the working mode of existing sorghum harvester, a sorghum harvester separation and transportation device is designed according to the principle of maximum utilization rate and diversification of crops. After meeting the needs of harvesting and separation, the function of directly producing sorghum stalk is added for production and life, and sorghum stalk can also be decomposed by existing grinding technology to ferment fertilizer.


Sorghum harvester, Straw separation, Straw transportation, Design