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Study on the Effect of Priming on the Storage Resistance of Rice

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DOI: 10.25236/isafb.2019.024


Xudong Jia, Yuxin Li, Rui Xiong, Fei Zhao, Jian Liu, Chunyang Xiang, Jin Du, and Gaoyi Cao

Corresponding Author

Gaoyi Cao


In order to explore the effect of water-induced treatment on the storability of rice seeds, Longgeng 301 rice seeds were used as a test material. Seeds were treated with distilled water in the dark for different time, respectively, and blotted with absorbent paper. Dry surface moisture, drying at room temperature to dry the seeds to the initial moisture content into the storage cabinet(4℃,RH 40%). Identification of seed vigor and evaluation of its protective enzyme activity by standard germination and accelerated aging tests after storage for different periods of time. Using sand bed method to identify the rice seedlings’s enzyme activity, and the effects of water-induced treatment on the storage stability. Artificial accelerated aging test was used to monitor the changes of seed germination potential, germination rate, and other indicators before aging compared with that before aging, and to explore the effect of water initiation on seed quality after aging. According to the experimental data, it was found that the germination rate and vigor index of rice seeds after 12 h water treatment were improved. The germination potential and vigor index of the seeds that were treated for 12h after aging and storage for one year were significantly higher than that of the untreated and other treatment time seeds, indicating that the 12h water-induced treatment can increase the seed vigor to a certain extent. It provides a theoretical basis for improving the storability of rice seeds.


Seed priming, Rice seeds, Storability, Seed vigor