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Factors that Influence the Frequency of Having Breakfast

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DOI: 10.25236/fmess.2017.46


Siqi Zhang

Corresponding Author

Siqi Zhang


Although the topic of many kinds of research is related to the importance of adolescents having breakfast, almost no research talks about the elements that effect of frequency of teenager having breakfast. This study investigated the relationship between some factors and the number of breakfast a student have per week. In this study, I only chose six correlated factors as the independent variable and the frequency of people having breakfast per week as the dependent variable. I spread the questionnaire online through the Facebook page of Boston Univerity. Among all the 104 responses that I received, only 84 responses are fully completed. By using the model of multiple linear regression, we can easily get the result: only one factor – the time of the earliest morning class, is significantly related to our dependent variable. Also, the result showed that the adjusted R-Squared value is only 0.301, which means the relationship between the independent variables and the dependent variable is moderate but significantly positive, which means the result is pretty credible. Consequently, there is a strong relationship: the earlier the morning class is, the less number of breakfast a student could have. Still, the model also exists some problems such as multicollinearity and endogeneity.


frequency of having breakfast, multiple linear regression.