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Study on Extraction and Purification of Total Flavonoids from Mappianthus iodoies

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DOI: 10.25236/isafb.2019.009


Shen Wei, Ma Jiyong, Zhang Ruili, Cui Lulu

Corresponding Author

Cui Lulu


Objective To optimize the extraction and purification of total flavonoids from Radix. Methods The rutin was used as the reference substance. The ethanol concentration, extraction multiple, extraction time and extraction times were used as the influencing factors. The orthogonal test was also carried out. At the same time, the total flavonoids of D. chinensis were purified by D-101 and AB-8 macroporous resin respectively. The purification process uses ultraviolet spectrophotometry to determine the total flavonoid content. The results were as follows: 60% ethanol, extraction ratio 12, extraction time 2 h, extraction times 3 times, the extraction scheme was the best, and the total flavonoids were better purified with D-101 macroporous resin. The resin volume (V): the crude drug amount ( M)=1:1, the loading flow rate is 2 BV/h, the elution flow rate is 2-3 BV/h, and 70% ethanol is used as the elution solvent. When 5 column volumes are eluted, the purity of total flavonoids is 62.30%. . Conclusion The extraction and purification of this process is effective, the feasibility is strong, and the results are sTable, which can provide theoretical basis for further research.


Mappianthus iodoies, total flavonoids, orthogonal test, D-101 macroporous resin