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Study on Optimization of polyphenols extraction from Cuscuta chinensis by response Surface Methodology

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DOI: 10.25236/isafb.2019.004


Chen Jiajun, Zhao Chenxu, Wu Zhiqiang, Tian Peng, Gao Mingze, Yang Min

Corresponding Author

Yang Min


In order to extract polyphenols from Cuscuta chinensis and obtain the best technology for extracting polyphenols from Cuscuta chinensis, the effects of single factor liquid ratio, ethanol concentration, extraction temperature and extraction time on the yield of polyphenols from Cuscuta chinensis were investigated. The reliability of the test was investigated by repeatability test and stability test, and the optimum process of extracting polyphenols from Cuscuta chinensis by alcohol extraction was obtained by the method of screening the best process by response surface software “Design-Expert.V8.0.6.1”. The results show that the yield of polyphenols varies greatly under the same factor and different level, the model of response surface is significant, the mismatch is not significant, and the model is effective, the ratio of liquid to material is 25, When the concentration of ethanol is 30%, the extraction temperature is 40 ℃ and the extraction time is 2 h. The results showed that the four single factors had effects on the yield of polyphenols, and there was interaction. The optimum process of response surface screening was effective, and the theoretical extraction rate of polyphenols from Cuscuta chinensis was the highest (0.984%).


Cuscuta, polyphenol, extraction, single factor, response surface, optimum process