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Benefit evaluation of pollutants in runoff interception by vegetation filter belt based on hydrological analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.186


Jiang Min, Yang Hefei, Qian Jianjun

Corresponding Author

Jiang Min


Vegetation filter interception is one of the most effective management methods to control runoff pollution. In order to avoid unhealthy hazards caused by polluted sites, we need to conduct hydrogeological survey of polluted sites, and then effectively use vegetation filter belt to intercept pollutants in runoff. Taking the polluted sites in a certain area of the city as an example, we have studied the technical requirements, work flow and some matters needing attention in the hydrogeological survey of the polluted sites as a whole. Three vegetation filter belts with different configurations were constructed. The purification effects of vegetation filter belts on several pollutants in surface runoff were tested by experiments, and the influencing factors were analyzed.


Purification, pollution control, runoff, vegetation filter, non-point source pollutants, field experiments