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Application and Behavior Analysis of Adolescent Social Media Based on Symbiosis Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.184


Cui Min

Corresponding Author

Cui Min


At present, mobile social media has been integrated into the daily social life of the majority of young people. Social media is a social communication platform and a new network media. Different from traditional media, social media, as a new network media, greatly reduces the threshold for content creation and information release. With the rapid development of information technology, social media has influenced and changed people's life style with its rich and diverse ways of communication. As digital natives, teenagers are the direct influencers of social media. With the rapid development of the network, traditional media has suffered from the violent impact of new media. The new media quickly seized the media field by virtue of its fast spread and rich content, and it also had a major impact on young people's learning and social behavior. This article focuses on how to find valuable information in a variety of complex social media is a huge test of young people's information literacy. Multi-angle and interdisciplinary discussion on the impact of social media on the socialization of young people and their coping strategies.


The concept of symbiosis, Social media, Youth society