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Analysis of American Anti-terrorism Strategy in the New Global Anti-terrorism Era

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.183


Li Xinyu

Corresponding Author

Li Xinyu


The outbreak of September 11 made the United States re-examine the relationship between the media and diplomacy. The American media began to serve the war on terrorism in various ways. International terrorism has entered a new active period after the September 11 incident. There is a basic consensus on terrorism in all circles of the United States. Influenced by the demonstration of Al-Qaida, international terrorism attacks are developing towards globalization and networking, showing a new feature of expanding scale and diversifying objectives. Point. It marks the end of the Post-Cold War transitional period or post-Cold War era, and also marks the comprehensive advancement of the new global strategy of the United States. U.S. anti-terrorism strategy has an extremely important impact on the international anti-terrorism situation. After the Obama administration came to power, it began to adjust the U.S. strategy, thus making the U.S. anti-terrorism strategy and the adjustment of the global strategy form a closer organic strategic whole. Based on this, this article deeply interprets the multiple impacts of the adjustment of US anti-terrorism strategy on the global anti-terrorism situation and international anti-terrorism cooperation.


Anti-terrorism era, The United States, Counter-terrorism strategy, New world