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Research on the Teaching Reform of "Combination of Medicine and Physical Education" under the Background of healthy China

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.175


Xiaoming Su, and Xin Zhou

Corresponding Author

Xiaoming Su


Purpose: According to the relevant requirements of "2030 Plan Outline of Healthy China", it is clearly proposed to promote the rational combination of medical and physical disease management and the formation of health service model. This paper focuses on the teaching situation of colleges and universities under the background of healthy China, analyzes some problems existing in the current teaching process, and puts forward corresponding solutions. Research methods: This paper through the literature review, logical analysis and other methods to study. The main results are as follows: At present, China is facing a serious shortage of teaching personnel in the "combination of medical and sports", and there is still a strong concept of hard education in the whole society, the policy and financial support for this teaching method is still insufficient. Main conclusions: With the continuous development of society, health has become a very important issue in the whole society. Especially in the current context of healthy China, schools should use all kinds of effective resources to improve their own teaching level of the combination of medicine and physical education, combine sports and medicine effectively, and promote the reform and development of physical education in schools.


Combination of medicine and body, Teaching mode, Development strategy