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Research on the Reform of College Physical Education Curriculum System Based on Health and Fitness

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.174


Ming Wang

Corresponding Author

Ming Wang


With the continuous development of economic society, China's education system is also in constant development, the education system is more perfect, from the focus on knowledge education to pay attention to quality education, towards, intelligence and physique art education, to promote college students' comprehensive ability. Through the reform of physical education curriculum in colleges and universities for research, analysis of how health fitness in the sports teaching as the basis, give a full play to the superiority of the physical education teaching, to cultivate all-round development of high-quality talent. Now the quality of education is not only refers to the knowledge of ascension, also including the ability to enhance and improve physical quality. Health fitness is a kind of ability, It is the goal and requirement to improve physical education to teach flexibly and stimulate students' potential in physical education.


Colleges and universities, Physical education curriculum, Health and fitness, Reform research