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Research on the Current Situation and Improvement Strategies of Basketball Teaching in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.171


Junjun Qiu, and Jianbo Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jianbo Zhang


Basketball plays an important role in sports, but the development of college basketball education in China is still at a relatively backward stage. Although many students love basketball, they still stay in the spontaneous movement stage and lack comprehensive and systematic study. At present, traditional basketball teaching has not adapted to the needs of teaching development under the new situation. There are problems such as single teaching courses and backward teaching methods, which seriously affect the further development of basketball. Based on the analysis of the problems existing in the development of basketball teaching in China, this paper puts forward some suggestions for the improvement of teaching content and teaching methods, in order to provide experience for the reform of basketball education and sports teaching, and promote the healthy and rapid development of basketball.


Basketball, Teaching, Current situation, Training method