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Research on the Cooperation Networks of Xiuyan Jade Carving Industry Based on SNA

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.168


Shuangnan He

Corresponding Author

Shuangnan He


Previous studies have found that Business scale, the specialization of the management team, whether the enterprise has mastered the core resource elements of industrial development, and policy support will have an impact on local industrial development. No single company has all the resources needed for development, so integrating resources is critical to the healthy development of the company. Actors in the industrial network will bring capital, creativity, technical expertise, tacit knowledge and relationship resources into the development of the enterprise through the cooperative network, and become the magic weapon for competition. Therefore, in addition to focusing on previous research results, companies and their constituent industries must pay attention to the network links formed by business operators.


Xiuyan jade caring industry, Connection of creativity and business, Social network analysis, Networks