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Study on Marine Environmental Ethics in Yantai

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DOI: 10.25236/mfssr.2019.162


Shoupeng Liu

Corresponding Author

Shoupeng Liu


[Objective] On the basis of in-depth investigation and study, this paper analyzes the resources potential and existing problems of the sustainable development of Yantai marine economy, including the relationship between marine economy and resources development, industrial structure, environment and science and technology. [Methods] From different fields and perspectives, this paper analyzes and probes into the connotation, adjustment objects and ethical system construction of marine ethics. [Results] From four aspects of scientific planning, optimizing structure, invigorating the sea with science and technology and managing the sea according to law, this paper puts forward concrete measures for the sustainable development of Yantai's marine economy in the future. [Conclusion] Based on the in-depth analysis of the research status of Yantai marine ethics related issues, this paper puts forward effective suggestions for the construction of marine ethics system.


Marine environment, Environmental ethics, Sustainable development, Countermeasure